Fashion: Red Coats

I am obsessed with the colour red!  Its bright, it stands out and its what I call 'a friendly colour.'  At this time of year I loved red most because it just seems to scream 'CHRISTMAAAAS!' So when I found the above coat at Next, I just couldn't resist getting my hands on it for my girl to wear this Autumn/Winter.  It wasn't until I was watching Gilmore Girls and spotted Rory in this gorgeous number that I realised I really had to get myself a matching red coat!

I searched high and low trying to find the perfect red coat for myself but kept coming up short.  I was looking for something soft, formal and girly looking.  Nothing woollen and certainly nothing padded.  It had to be long and dressy.  Finally after long, annoying web searches, this lovely coat from cropped up.  Its exactly what I was looking for!

The huge collar makes me feel like Hilary Duff when she played Wendy in the Casper movie.  I absolutely adore it!  And it makes me feel so happy when Lillie and I are matching in gorgeous red. 

Literature: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

When I was around eleven years old, I picked up my mums copy of 'Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone' and read the first couple of pages.  To put it bluntly, I found it dull and uninteresting.  I quickly shut it and continued to live almost eleven more years without ever realising the genius behind J K Rowling's Hogwarts and the fascinating characters that came with.  However, I am proud to say that this ignorance became no more this afternoon, as my eyes danced along the final pages of this captivating tale.

As a young child I quickly made my mind up about these books and for some reason held that opinion close to my heart despite the fact that I would soon become an avid reader enjoying books such as 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Wuthering Heights.'  Not to mention my love for the Harry Potter movies which would grow and grow each new year as I desperately waited for the next one to be released and would enjoy unwrapping the DVDs at Christmas time: why, oh why did I value the na├»ve voice of the eleven-year-old me so much?

I now see what I have been missing out on!  I see what my childhood could have been like reading these books and I really am saddened by this thought.  Yet, I'm quite excited about experiencing these books for the first time and I cannot wait to savour every word and chapter.  Follow my blog for updates on my Harry Potter journey with reviews and personal insights.

MUSIC: Moana Soundtrack

Another work of genius from Lin Manuel Miranda: the music of Moana is warm and exciting!  Partnered with the incredibly cultured story-line and beautiful characters, this music is so sweet and inspiring.  We have danced many times around our living room to this CD and I even listen to it on my own when I'm working on my computer.

Listen to my favourite song here.